Terroir, what makes a good wine better!

why are soil properties so significant?
the importance of a good heritage

Composition & history

Located at the top of the hills overlooking an enchanting valley, our vineyards are around 300 meters high from the sea level.
Our terroir is argillaceous.
Moreover, our vines enjoy a south exposure, wich ensures the grapes to have sun throughout the whole day.

This is important because the sunlight enhances the ripeness and protect from the frost in the cold period.

The temperature variations between night and day help the cluster of grapes to develop in the best way, reaching the utmost ripening and giving elegant and long lasting flavours to our wines.

The temperature variations, the fertile soil, the altitude and the south exposure enables Campo al Sole’s grapes to have unique organoleptic characteristics.

pictures of a way of life

Our Philosophy

Wine is much more than a work for us, this is our life.
The way we grow our vines reflects our way of living, always paying great attention to nature.