What's in Our wine?

growing respecting nature & tradition
an old natural practice

How do we grow our vines?

This is a long work to finally arrive to our balanced wines and it all starts from the vineyard management.
Our vines are in counter-espalier which means that we utilise a training system in which the plants grow along a vertical support structure that runs the length of each row.
Espalier is the vine training system that is most widely used here in Italy, especially in Tuscany.
Nothing is improvised in the winegrower’s work and he carefully respects the different steps of the vine’s work.
The guyot pruning is evaluated vine by vine. This is done by hand by our expert grower Ruggiero as every cut is important for the good managament of the vine.
Pruning acts on the regulation of the vigor of the vine and is necessary to preserve the harmonious development of the plant.
For this reason, we pay great attention to this important step.

A conscious choice

Far from "The Wine Factory"

Tradition combined to innovation, dedication to our land are our main values. Our winemaker Ruggiero Tupputi, with a long experience of producing high-quality wines in Tuscany, manages the company with passion. We are committed to respect the environment, using only organic fertilizers.
In our bottles of wine, there is not only wine, you can feel the tradition, culture, the breathtaking landscape of our estate.
We want to invite you to a daydream.

pictures of a way of life

Our Philosophy

More than a photo gallery you can find here small pieces of life. A life made of great satisfaction and a lot of work: because what from the outside appears as good and well-groomed always needs care and daily love.